Ricardo Villavicencio
1.-Describe your working method, which elements are essentials? it's rigid or organic?

I take this activity as an interaction between the design process and art making to make things. The things I personally want to make.

Love that tension. To me they both lead to visualization, but one respond to a question and the other is an expression.

I often find myself mixing up different disciplines to execute my projects, This approach became a process, a way of figuring out how to produce projects from opposite nature and still remain same person behind.

2.-Which part of the creative process is the most difficult for you?

Departing with a bag full of thoughts, the ideas I want to try and all the anxieties involved.

3.-What do you do to keep refreshing creativity on your working process?

Create anything interesting with whatever you have on the table. Right now I have my keys and a lighter. Move them, stack them, change the surface and so on…. Then see what comes out.

4.-How do you organize your work in mid and long term?

I feed an archive with many random ideas that I keep resting for a while. Every begining of the year, I select some and take them for further developing . Usually one big project and several other small ones. To accomplish the challenge and finishing all in one year, I very often work on several projects at the same time and keep them all in different stages of production.

5.-How do you manage the variables of money and time in your creative process?

It all depends of the nature of the project.

These days I do a lot of freelance work for other studios, where you get hired (booked) for certain period of time to develop a project. In this case, it’s a bit more easy to manage my time and cash flow since you are able to plan out ahead how many days you would like to work in a month or a year. In the other side, when I create and produce my own content or products,  I do and try to pay a lot of attention to the schedule and project pipeline to keep myself on the calendar. That way helps me to not blow up the budget.

6.-Do you use softwares or specific programs for your work?

Mostly the Adobe Creative suite and scanner all the time

7.-How is your perfect work environment?

Clean, quiet, a bit isolated and have all material and machines ready to use.

8.-Is leisure an important thing in your creative process? Why?

To me, all of this about creativity and art are pretty much part of the life I’ve choosen to live. There’s not a such a thing like turning on and off what I do. But from real facts, laisure would be the time I use for thinking ideas for future projects.

9.-Invent a name for your working process.

Try it and see what happens.

10.-Draw or choose an image or shape that can represent your work method.