Paula Scher
1.-Describe your working method, which elements are essentials? it's rigid or organic?

I usually get as much input and information from the client as possible in the form of interviews, visits and any other available research. My role as a designer is to make the recognizable and understandable to their audiences. In the process of discovery I may have a couple of ideas about how to approach a visual message and a visual language. I may make quick thumbnails of an idea on any scrap of paper around. The quicker and more immediate my ideas are, the better they are. Very often my first ideas are the best. They seem to be the purest.

I meet with team and begin a form of collaboration which is a combination of explaining my ideas (the thumbnails) and eliciting other ideas from them that solve the problem equally, but from different angles. We may put together a presentation of 3 to 5 ideas, and refine them and extend them until we have a result that we are proud to share.

Mostly the process is organic.

2.-Which part of the creative process is the most difficult for you?

Because my first idea is often the strongest, it is sometimes difficult to fill in a presentation with ideas that are equivalent in logic and form. We always manage to do it, but it can be frustrating.

3.-What do you do to keep refreshing creativity on your working process?

I use certain projects as theoretical experiments. The Public Theater is my lab. I test out various approaches there, I try to seize on any opportunity that I can identify to find new way to solve a problem.

4.-How do you organize your work in mid and long term?

This is difficult for me because I lose interest in something that has been hanging around for a long time unless it has continual components that need to be invented, like a broad based identity and signage program. I rely on my team to manage many of the long term projects.

5.-How do you manage the variables of money and time in your creative process?

I try to assess the projects I have. If there is potential of a breakthrough in a project I will invest all the time I have. If it is a conservative project, but pays well, I will try to accomplish the project efficiently to maximize the profit.

If i take a project purely for the money, it is never enough money.

6.-Do you use softwares or specific programs for your work?

My team uses everything…

7.-How is your perfect work environment?

I would like more space for my team and a place to sit down with them, which I don’t have now.

8.-Is leisure an important thing in your creative process? Why?


9.-Invent a name for your working process.


10.-Draw or choose an image or shape that can represent your work method.

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