I´m a graphic designer from Santiago de Chile. I moved to New York almost two years ago. Now I´m freelancing, doing diverse projects in different places. I try to do works related with the creative industries or with a strong social and political opinion. I´m Gemini and I´m scared of whales.
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Every day I will upload 15 new days of the journal.
All the collaborators and credits are mentioned on the works. If I forgot one or if you see any mistake please let me know! On this project you can see more than 50 collaborations of designers, illustrators and artists from more than 14 countries. OMG!


Thanks to all the people who participate and collaborate on the project, specially to: Pascual & Matías, Áron, Nico Ortega, Javi, Tyler, Rory, Dani Forero, The Wetbacks, France Football Team, Nico Arze, Stefan, Jessica, Felipinho, Dani Fresard, Caro Arévalo, Jose, Zipeng, Penedro, Manu Donoso, Tomás Dintrans, Fran Alcalde, Papá, Mamá, Martín, Sol, Pedro and finally to Cota for being my ♥.