New One In New York is a journal about my 6 firsts months in New York, based on that I asked to more than 50 designers to do an artwork for each day. Also I made projects based on bigger experiences and observations and a questionnaire to other designers.

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The Journal
Day 01
  • ello NY! After a 17 hours trip, passing through Houston and having lost my bag, I finally arrived to NY. I have a lovely place at my friend Santiago’s apartment. ¿Escribir en español o en inglés? I went to a very tasty Ethiopian restaurant for lunch, and then in the afternoon I found my new favorite arepa place.

Word of the Day: TIDE
The Journal
Day 02
  • somehow feel very lucid today, or maybe I’m just enthusiastic with the idea of making something big here. I decided to set some rules and must-do things to keep me inspired while I get used to the city:

    Get to know every Borough, do sports at least 3 times a week, Try at least 1 new drug, Invent something, Learn a new word everyday, Develop an abstract notion on my work, Get to know other creative processes.

    I’m not sure if my roommates are what I really want or need. Matías Tolchinsky and Pascual Brodsky. Both are my childhood friends from Chile, both of them are writers. Both of their last names end up with “sky”.

    Matías is becoming some kind of grumpy and hates everything about Chile, he’s constantly denying where he comes from. Pascual hasn’t arrived yet, so for now he’s a potential wacko for all I know.
    Today I walked all day long, I tried a very good lemonade with green tea or something, plus an apple.
    I crowned the day with two arepas.

Word of the Day: neat
Felipe Rocha
The Journal
Day 03
  •  couldn’t get up on time so I was late on my first day at work. I rode my bike. The agency is awesome, everything shines and screams success. There are a lot of new people. I think there are a lot of chances there, maybe a bit bureaucratic, and it feels kind of like cubicles.

    I met Javier, a Spaniard guy from Barcelona. He doesn’t look like a designer, which is great. He’s really nice. They also introduced me the intern girl I’m going to work with, Louise. Stefan, my boss, said “it’s good to see you again”(I did 3 months of trial before). His presence kind of block me a bit.

    On my way back home I got lost so I asked for directions to this blonde girl that was riding her bike and doing some exercises with her hand. She was an actress from Norway. She said she missed nature. She also said that this was a very powerful city. She’s been living here for a year. When I told her I got here 3 days ago she said “oh, you’re a fresh!”.

    I met Pascual today. Then the three of us had dinner together. It seems we’re going to have a nice, funny experience living together.

    After dinner I started to drawing

Word of the Day: Squirt
The Journal
DAY 04
  • eep meeting new people at the office. I don’t know if they like me though. Every office in every part of the world has this everyday-feel like. Right now, I’m working on some pretty boring stuff, on these scripts for a client. Then I had a beer, and got lost on my way home. I got home, ate a sandwich and fell asleep.

Word of the Day: Flashbulb
The Journal
DAY 05
  •  rode my bike to work and I got lost. I was in a bad mood, plus, no matter how much I ask money issues are unclear. I met Gracia, a friend I met in Chile years ago when I was interning at a design office. We decided to be friends here. She came to study a Master in Visual Communication. It was nice talking to her. She was with this friend that  builds bars here.

    Out of nothing I saw a Quentin Tarantino’s poster at the office (Pulp Fiction). Is there a connection with him on this travel?

Word of the Day: Kinky
The Journal
Day 06
  • t’s Friday baby! And I got paid…way more money than expected!

    I have a lot of work, with those juice campaigns for India.

    I stayed in the rooftop for a while with some friends from work. I met Aaron’s friend Victor, he’s a director and made an awesome handshakes videos. I also met Daniel Forero, a Colombian guy living in Stockholm with his girlfriend. A very creative, smart and talented guy. He quitted advertising to work on design.

    Then I went with Gracia to some of her friend’s to drink wine on a rooftop.

Word of the Day: Errands
The Journal
DAY 07
  • arbacue day! After overcoming a horrible headache caused by last night wine, we decided to make a BBQ. We invited my friends from work and Matías’s friends. Marco’s sister was a babe?/ a hottie?/a cutie? and she was playing all night with her hair. Aron’s says that means she wants sex. She kind looked like an Opus-Dei-Very-Good Girl, but whatever.

    We had a lot of fun. Then we went to a party on another rooftop.

    My relationship with alcohol is starting to worry me.

    I got home at 6:00 am.

Word of the Day: Spear
The Journal
DAY 08
  • ork, Work and more Work. I woke up and went to the office to fix some things, it wasn’t that productive but it was fine.

    I need to get a balance between work and personal life. If I’m not happy, is it worth it? If you don’t rest as you should, then how do you expect to produce properly? I’m afraid that my expectations about all this experience in  New York will get frustrated.

    I think that for me it’s very important to find a balance between my work and my personal life. I’ve been also thinking on if it’s really worthy to work all day if you are not happy. Also, if I don’t get enough rest can I actually produce something properly? It’s tricky/confusing though,  because there is a ton of people that are constantly working and never stop.

    After that I saw a Peaky Blinders chapter and went to sleep.

Word of the Day: Snout
The Journal
DAY 09
  • didn’t wake up very happy today. I went to bike to Central Park because I didn’t know the upper side. I ended up biking the whole park, then I came back home. I cooked some food and work on the architecture project called Especulopolis which is about how the economy influences the territory.

Word of the Day: Tapered
The Journal
DAY 10
  • ood Morn…Nah. Felt asleep already. I had to take the train and run to the office (I didn’t actually run). I worked all day, then I had the meeting about the Especulopolis project and they loved my plan/idea, which wants to depict the capitalist system in which we are living. It is an alphabet of symbols related with the capitalist way of conceiving architecture, and then how certain patterns have been repeated over and over in different cities just because they were developed with this alphabet.  After that, I came back to my place to wait for Francisca, a friend who is coming to harvest weed in California. Actually, she Cota’s (my girlfriend) friend. She talks a lot but she’s a nice girl. She’s staying for two days.

Word of the Day: Vertex